Monday, February 25, 2008

February Birthdays

We had a small party yesterday to celebrate Spencer and my mom's birthdays. We all had a nice time. It is fun to think that the next family holiday should include 3 little babies. This was probably the quietest and calmest a family gathering will be for a long time. Too funny considering there were still 4 little boys under the age of 6 at the party. I'm sure that by Easter, the invasion of the Schmidt's will bring lots more craziness and fun. We can't wait.

"The Family"
Except, there were not "Smitzes" at the party, according to Jack

My mom told mee that she heard on the radio a story of a little boy that called up to wish his Grandmother a happy birthday. While the little boy was talking to his grandmother, he asked her how old she was. She told her grandson that she was 62. The little boy was silent for a minute and then he said...."did you start with one?"
Happy Birthday Mom!!

Happy Birthday Honey!!
Doesn't he look like a pretty happy guy for just starting the second half of his life. ;)

More Birthday Party Fun....

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Jennifer said...

It looks like I missed a fun party! Happy Birthday Mom and Spencer!!!
P.S. I LOVE your new floor!!!!!!!!