Saturday, February 9, 2008

What a Really Great World!!!

Those are the words that came out of Jack's mouth last night when we were driving home. Why did he say those words you may ask.

Well, the boys and I were driving home in the van after having dinner at Red Lobster. We met Spencer and his mom there so, they were in a different car. Anyway, as we were approaching a railroad gate, Jack said "look out Mom!". "For what?" I answered. He replied "look out so that the railroad things don't come down on the car". I expained to him that the railroad gates just don't drop out of the blue, that before they come down, the bell starts to ding and the red lights start to flash so that the cars know to stop. Jack then said "Really?!"...(pause)..."What a really great world this is! Mom, don't you think that this is the greatest world in the whole.....(he totally almost said world again).....UNIVERSE?!?!".

Yup, it sure is, Jack!!!

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Laura said...

It is a great world! Sometimes it takes a little one to show us that!