Thursday, February 28, 2008

What happens when you cross an actuary and an accountant???

You end up with dinner conversations like this...

Me: "Guys, you have 15 more minutes to finish your dinner if you want dessert" (in case I haven't mentioned it, I have the slowest eaters in the world.)

Drew: "That is 900 seconds"

Me to Spencer: " that right"

Spencer back to me, after a BIG pause "ummm...I think so"

Jack: "yup, 900 seconds is 15 minutes"

So, I was asking Drew this morning how he knew that 15 minutes is 900 seconds. His response was "well, I know that 5 minutes is 300 seconds and then it is just about 3's and 5's and you get 900". Ok, whatever. "Drew, how did you know that 5 minutes is 300 seconds". His response was "Jack taught me".

We're in TROUBLE!!!

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