Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Third Wednesday Happiness!!!

It is the third Wednesday of the month...YAY!!! My triplet mommies' group meets for dinner on the third Wednesday of each month. My triplets are five and a half and I still really look forward to these dinners. Triplet moms are fun!!

I remember I met a couple of triplet moms at the park one day a couple of years ago. Their triplets were a few years older than mine. They told me that they used to go to the monthly dinners, but they stopped when their kids started school. They told me that I would probably lose interest and stop going to the dinners too when my kids got older. I was sad to hear that. The triplet moms that meet for these dinners are my friends and I would really miss it if we stopped going. We always have such a good time.

I guess those moms from the park were wrong about me. I still very much look forward to the dinners and plan on continuing to go. In some ways, with our kids being older and busier, the monthly dinners are the only times that I get to see my old triplet mommy friends. We need those times to catch up and have fun.

Only four more hours to go....not that I am counting.

BTW, the boys look forward to their "Boys' Night" once a week with daddy too. Lucky me!!

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