Saturday, February 16, 2008

What nice kids!!!!

My friend Jeanne has the nicest family that you will ever see. Jeanne and her family live in Grand Rapids so, we do not see them very often, but everytime we do get together, I always leave feeling really good. I don't know how some people have the ability to make it seem like the world is a good place, but both Jeanne and her husband have that gift.

We were lucky enough to have a short visit with Jeanne and her family today when they were in town for a hockey tournament for their son Will. We probably only spent an hour with them, but it was a lot of fun to see Will play hockey (He is REALLY good!!!) and enjoy a few quick conversations.

Apparently, Jeanne's kids (Kaleen, Will and Ben) have inherited their mom and dad's personalities. They are so good to my kids and my kids LOVE them!! Since they live so far away, the kids only see eachother about once a year. But, there is no awkwardness or shyness when the kids get together. They were all so happy to see their friends today. Like a 12 year old girl doesn't have better things to do than hang out with three 5 year olds, but as soon as Kaleen saw the boys, she went right to work talking to the boys and 'showing' the boys to her friends. She made them feel so good about themselves. Almost too good...all the way home, Jack kept saying "Kaleen's friends said that I am sooooo smart and I am only 5 YEARS OLD!!! Did you know that mom???". He was so happy and proud.

Drew said that his favorite part of going to Will's hockey game was when Will was on the bench, across the ice from us, Drew waved and him and Will waved back. He thought that was so cool that his important, cool, hockey player, friend was waving to him during a game!! After the game, Will came right over to the boys to say "hi" and gave them all high-5's. After he was changed, he came back out to hang out with us and the boys. At one point, I saw him put his hands on each side of Jack's head and give him a little a "cool kid" would do to one of his friends. At first, I thought Jack might be a little freaked or shy about it, but when he turned and I could see his face, he had the biggest grin that you have ever seen. He ran over to Drew a minute later and did the same thing to his brother that Will had done to him. Drew definitely had a "what the heck are you doing to me?" kind of look, but it was really funny and cute to see.

I can't finish this post without mentioning the Bens. Our Ben thoroughly enjoyed his visit with his friends, but he said his favorite part of the hockey game was when the Zamboni machine came through at the end. It was a close call though because he really enjoyed the time with his friends too. And, the other Ben is following in the family ways. He is the sweetest, funniest, freckled face, kindergartener that you will ever meet. I really hope that he will grow up to be good, long-distance, friends with my boys.

It was definitely a nice way to spend an hour on a cold afternoon!

Drew wearing Will's hockey pin.
The boys all took turns.

Will's hockey pin is now proudly displayed on the curtain in the boys' room

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rae said...

although short... it sounds like you all had a great time. Tell Jeanne and Dave hi for me next time you see them. hugs to all, rae