Friday, February 15, 2008

I love all my BOYS!!

Being the only female in a house full of 'men' is really cool on Valentine's Day!!! You would think it was my birthday. Everybody was giving me so much love yesterday!!! Spencer had the boys make valentines for me while I was out getting my haircut the other night. They hid them in one of Spencer's drawers. So, Valentine's morning, they all came running in to my room and started emptying Spencer's drawer. They finally dug out the valentines that they had made. They were too cute. Here is a picture of each of them. Charlie even made one. Aren't they cute!!

The boys also made valentines at school and most of them were for MOMMY!! As if that isn't enough, since it was Thursday, I got to see my FIRST Valentine (my dad) when he and my mom came over to watch the boys so that I could go out with my REAL Valentine. We had dinner at Domo77...yum!!! It was a great day. Aren't I a lucky lady this Valentine's day!?!?!

P.S. I have to add the funniest valentine that I received this year was from Drew. It is actually the one pictured above, but it is not possible to read all that he wrote.

To: Mom
From: Drew
I love you because you are my Valentine.
I love you when
I'm sad
I will love you whatever
My life is the BEST!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, soooo cute! I LOVE the velentine Drew wrote for you. Doesn't get better than that!!!