Wednesday, March 25, 2009

#1 Beatle's Fan!!!

My kids LOVE the Beatles...the "group", not the bugs.

Their love for the Beatles started innocently enough. The boys and I were driving around, doing errands one day. I was getting a little sick of listening to music from the Backyardigans and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cd's so, I found the Beatles "1" cd and threw it in. After thinking about what songs they might like, I skipped to the Yellow Submarine. They LOVED it. Over the next several weeks, we listened to that song and entire cd over and over again.

That was about 6 months ago. We all now know all of the words to all of the Beatles' #1 hits...even Charlie asks for the Beatles and "sings" along. We would all be so "cool", if it was, like, 1968.

Drew has gone especially nutso over the Beatles. He "studies" the cd cover, he has his favorite song, his "favorite Beatle", he studies the words to the songs, he writes about them in his journal at school, he talks about them all. of. the. time. He even googles "Beatles" on the computer any chance that he gets. He is just fascinated by them and knows way too much about them.

A few weeks ago, Spencer saw an advertisement for "Rain" (a Beatles tribute band), coming to the Auditorium Theatre. He knew that he HAD to get tickets for Drew. We have been meaning to start round 2 of "do something special with each of the kids, individually" and figured this would be the perfect way to start it up again.

So, on a rainy Sunday a few weeks ago, Spencer and Drew drove downtown to see "Rain".

Doesn't Drew look excited?? Drew, of course, was very excited when the big day arrived. He read the cd cover all the way downtown and listened to xm's "Paul McCartney" station. Of course Drew was one of the youngest fans at the show, but Spencer said that the people sitting around them were very impressed when Drew started getting most of the Beatles trivia questions correct during the pre-show entertainment. Apparently, the show was very good and Drew enjoyed it very much. I think he also really enjoyed his special time with dad doing something that was all about Drew.


The Wright Trips said...

Rock and Roll! You've got some oh so cool kiddos, Kelly. We all love the Beatles too. I always say I was supposed to live back in the 60's. My dad & I danced to "In My Life" at my wedding.

The boys have great taste! I'm glad Drew had a good time.


Anonymous said...

Drew's way to cute! When we do one-on-one days, my kids usually pick the same thing to do. :)


Anonymous said...

Oops! That should be too! ;)


Andrea said...

Loved reading about Drew's special day! I bet he will remember that day forever and ever!

Tash said...

Awe, how awesome, I'm glad you are doing the one on one days again--it's hard but so worth it. I went to school with a die hard Beatles fan and just found her on FB-- i'll have to see if she is still as into them as she was. I'll introduce Drew to her and they can have a trivia showdown--I bet Drew wins!
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