Thursday, March 5, 2009

If Kids were on Facebook...

Status updates on Facebook crack me up. I love to see what people are doing. Some people are creative, some funny, some interesting, some really aren't. :) Last night, the boys were being....well....themselves. I was making dinner and everyone was doing something different. It made me think about what the boys would post on Facebook, at that moment, if that was their
" vegging with the Beatles."
"Charlie....thinks the world would be a lot more fun if he could just poop."

"Jack....thinks it is a great evening to be a Bumble Bee".

"Ben....hmmmm....Mr. Superman/Hulk/Woody/PowerRanger is going to have to speak for himself". I have no idea...sorry Ben. ;)


Cathy said...

LOL!!! This is so funny!!! I love it! I think Drew is one of the "Beatles" with all his singing!! ;)

Richie the Kid said...

Ben is Confused. :-)

Tash said...

I like the what are you doing right now lines.....boy what perfect pictures of a day in the life at your house. It's nice to see them all doing their own thing.