Monday, March 23, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's been a while for a "Not me!", but this is a good week to confess some things that I definitely did NOT do.

Here goes...

I did NOT squeeze a trip to Carson's for a new pair jeans when I had an extra 20 minutes last week on a busy St. Patrick's Day Tuesday.

Upon arriving at Carson's and discovering that they were having their "Goodwill Sale" (which means they will give you a 20% off coupon for every item that you donate), I did NOT do a quick assessment of what Charlie and I were wearing to determine if we were wearing any extra, clothes that would not be missed. When I determined that we did, in fact, need all of the clothes that we were wearing, I did NOT raid the diaper bag and found a pair of Charlie's jeans to "donate" so that I could get a new pair for myself at 20% off!! They are NOT very cute jeans and they were NOT perfect for my trip to Savannah! Yay me!!

After my *quick* trip to Carsons, I did NOT run over a stick, or branch, or something that destroyed the power steering in my van. Since I was so close to home, I did not discover the broken-ness of my van until all of the fluid leaked out and turning really, really hard. This discovery was NOT made on a trip, a few hours later, to McDonald's for lunch, with a cute little blonde boy. It couldn't have been a trip to McDonald's because in giving up Pepsi (pop) for Lent, I've also pretty much given up McDonalds because cheeseburgers are no good without pop. And, I would definitely NOT subscribe to that rule that St. Patrick's Day is really a day off of Lent. Hmmmm...

At that point, I did NOT call Spencer from McDonald's to tell him that my car was broken and
that I'd be taking it over to Firestone after lunch. I did NOT proceed to tell him that I was feeling lucky that my car had broken that day...after all how often is it 73 degrees in March...a nice day to have a broken car. He did NOT think that I was insane.

And, now here are a few things that I did NOT do on my trip...

I did NOT check email and Facebook a couple of times while on vacation, because even though I did not blog, that still would have been dorky.

I did NOT totally enjoy being in Charlotte's airport for a 2+ hour layover yesterday. It was so peaceful. I had lunch, read my book, played sudoku and watched people.

I did NOT spend most of the flight eavesdropping on the conversation between 2 strangers that were sitting behind me. This one woman's life is an absolute soap opera and she was telling a stranger, and everyone else within earshot, all of the crazy details...She is 32, recently divorced, with 2 kids. I think she said the divorce was the result of her realizing that she was not in love with her husband because she was in love with some other dude that doesn't have a job and is MARRIED! She was trying to decide if 6 months was a good amount of time to wait for her "boyfriend" to leave his wife because because that is the amount of time that he told her that he needed to pay off some debt before starting divorce proceedings. Hmmmm....good luck with that guy! Oh yea, and the woman doesn't believe in cooking. Not like she is a bad cook, she doesn't believe in in, she believes that eating a diet that consists of only RAW foods is the way to go. YUCK!! It would NOT have been great if she was sitting next to someone that didn't hold back their real if she was telling her whole life story to my dad. That would NOT have been excellent to listen to!!

I did NOT try to sneak a subtle peek back at this crazy lady behind me on the way off the plane. I do NOT suck at subtle.

I did NOT eat clams for 3 meals, in one day, while I was in Savannah...lunch I, lunch II and dinner. I guess that I should add that I did NOT eat 2 really yummy lunches in one day...that would have been a little much.

I did NOT completely drop my yummy "something sweet with rum" drink (like it fell right out of my hand and landed on the floor, and splashed the feet of my friends) in a bar while we were on a "haunted pub crawl" of Savannah. And, if I had, one of my friend surely would NOT have been nice enough to blame it on the ghost residing in that particular bar.

That's all that I've got and I'm running out of time before this turns into a Not Me! Tueday. What did you NOT do last week???

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Tash said...

I did Not miss your blog entries and I did Not get jealous knowing you were off on a girls weekend without me. I did Not call you in need of your voice of reason the one time you are Not out enjoying yourself.

So , Kelly do I have the hang of this Not me Mondays?