Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So, what do I think about the octomom???

Besides OUCH!!

Obviously, the woman is a self-centered nut-job. How's that?

I actually haven't been following the stories too closely, haven't seen any of her interviews and actually care very little about the actual family. Of course, I hope and pray that those beautiful babies are healthy and well taken care of and I find it heartbreaking that those 14 children are growing up without a father and with a lousy excuse for a mother.

Although I couldn't bring myself to actually watch any of the interviews with this woman, or other members of her family, I've been very interested in reading and watching the editorials and hearing/reading what other people are saying *about* them. Everyone is so outraged and I'm trying to figure out why...specifically. Of course, I am also outraged, but I'm outraged about a lot of things that don't seem to phase everyone else. So, what do you think it is, specifically, about this crazy woman that has everyone so upset.

Hmmm....is it the fertility treatments, or all of the other crazy (no father, no income, 14 kids) stuff?

I have so many thoughts and opinions about this mom that I don't even know where to begin. I actually find myself a little happy that people *are* outraged. It is good for people to get mad and maybe that will cause people to want to make things better. Our society is so screwed up. Apparently, we are financially bankrupt, but in addition to that, we are also morally bankrupt. Our priorities are all out of whack and we are breeding lazy, greedy, selfish, ignorant people. This Octomom whack-job is the product of our society...our laws and programs create people like her. She, as well as millions of other people, feel entitled to their every whim and it is hurting them as well as all of the rest of us.

Now that I've got that out of the way, who wants to talk about the infertility aspect of this???? I've got lots of opinions about that too. Want to know what I think??? I'd love to know what *you* think....seriously, I wouldn't be offended. ;)


Theresa said...

Without too much detail, I read an article today about a law proposed that would limit the # of embryos created to the actual number they plan to use. Any of us who did IVF know that is a very inefficient way to approach a very costly (both emotionally and financially) proceedure. It is bizarre that someone wants to limit the number created to 2, which in my case means that one of my triplets doesn't exisit...... I am all for created a checks system within the medical community where they have to justify the # they implant based on quality and age, ect, but having a straight # allowed/not allowed is really limiting to the science of the process, and a little scary.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly:

When your kids are grown and you have more time, I wish you would run for President. I would definetly vote for you! I enjoyed your Octomom comments. She is definetly a nutcase and is out to capitalize on her publicity. I am glad I am not a California resident and have to support her.

By the way, I don't understand your comment about the yucky OC sand. I think it is pretty nice.

Hope to see you and your family there this summer.

Bill C

Katie said...

I'd love to hear your thoughts on how you think she is going to take care of them - being a mom of triplets you must have some sort of perspective. How is it possible? No father to help and people who think you are an idiot for doing this? Not to mention a mom who bashes you on national tv - I saw that on the one part of the one interview I saw. I would hate to have my watching it account for any sort of ratings so I don't seek her crap out.
The doctor needs to take some responsibility for his actions - he's not so bright either. She had done IVF before with great success - 6 kids - so why did he think it wouldn't work this time? The sad part to all this is I think her kids are going to end up in foster care and what a nightmare that would be and media circus to boot.
A system of checks and balances would help prevent this from happening in the future, but you have to be careful how narrow it is.

Anonymous said...

"She, as well as millions of other people, feel entitled to their every whim and it is hurting them as well as all of the rest of us."

Amen sista! I totally agree with you.


Cathy said...

You know... that photo is really nasty!! Look at all those stretch marks!

You know.. I have to say.. I don't know the full story but I am getting bits of pieces of it... and all I have to say is... what is this woman thinking??

Like you said... 14 kids... no father... no income! How do you expect to raise these kids?? And don't expect the taxpayers to help you out just because you wanted to have all these kids!!! All I can say is this woman is NUTS!!

I think you need to hurry up and put another post 'cause I can't stand looking at that photo when I open your blog!! Hey... you can post Jen's boys today for their first birthday!! Have a great birthday and don't forget to save a piece of cake for me! ;)

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for this post!

It makes me so sad to know that these 14 children will definitely be neglected. She is turning down help because she can't also do a reality show? CRAZY!!!! I think she's depressed and feels unloved and children are NOT going to fill that void.

In terms of the IVF, I think the whole picture needs to be looked at and I think the doctor was incredibly irresponsible. Being a doctor is an art, not a science, there are just too many differences from person to person. So, I think a dictate of only allowing x # of embryos is dumb, but certainly, this can not happen again, so some type of checks and balances has to occur.

I hope all 14 of those children get much needed love and help.


Tash said...

Kelly , you have my vote too! What happened to this woman being out of the public?? I had no idea there is no father. This is so crazy , but now I am interested to find out all the details. Kellly we need a girls night out so we can finish a sentence let alone a conversation.