Friday, March 6, 2009

Flashback Friday

A rare "Charlie Edition" of Flashback Friday. This picture always makes me smile. He couldn't even walk yet, but he managed to climb into the bathtub while I was filling it up. He looks quite proud of himself too.

September 2007


Cathy said...

Yeah Charlie!!! It's about time we see you here!

Cute photo... good job getting in the bath with your clothes on! Love that smile!

Anonymous said...

How cute!! It sure brings a smile to my face. Hope all is great with you and your boys - miss you!!! - Elaine

Jennifer said...

Soo cute. Way to go Charlie. You don't make it to Flasthback Friday often, but when you do, it's good (your blue marker picture was pretty funny too)!!! BTW, I LOVE those cheeks you have in the tub!!!

Anonymous said...

Aww, he's so cute!