Monday, March 23, 2009


It's almost been a week since my last blog. I think that is a new record. I hope that I don't lose both of my readers...again. :(

I actually have a great excuse for not writing the last 4 days....Girls' Weekend!!! And, if you follow my blog, you will notice that I don't have any girls, so, I had to find some girl-friends! Woo Hoo...girlfriends are awesome!!! And, for this girl's weekend, we went all the way to Savannah, Georgia. I left Thursday morning for the "weekend" and came back last night. It was awesome...what a great place to visit and what a great group to travel with. The group meshed really well and really enjoyed all of the food, drinks, entertainment and relaxation that Savannah had to offer. I hope I'm invited back next year. ;)

I feel totally invigorated and ready to tackle my week. I'm going to be so productive!!! :) I hope this vacation "high" lasts for weeks...I guess that I should say that I *need* this "vacation high" to last for weeks. My to-do list has gotten a little out of hand. Wish me luck.

I'd love to post some pictures, but you'll have to wait...I accidentally left my camera in Georgia. Oops, but luckily it was found and is being sent back to me.


Katie said...

woohoo for a girl's weekend! the pictures will help you remember how much fun it was and you'll blow through that never ending list all the faster!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a blast!!!! Though I have bad news...the "high" lasts about 36 hours. :(

Cathy said...

WHAT!!! You left your camera behind!! You are lucky that they found it and sending it to you! I know Winni and I would flip out if we left it behind.. we would just fly back and get it... specially when the camera costed him about $2,000!! ;)

Glad to hear that you had a great time and Savannah is a beautiful place to visit! I want to hear about your ghost tour!! :)

msmichelel said...

I DREAM of having a girls weekend. . . . maybe someday. i'm glad you had a great time!

I am having a girls week sort of - i am going to Arkansas for a week - to help my mom pack. Not exactly the funnest of girls weeks, but it is a week away from kids (I have never even been away from Trevor overnight)
I did wonder why there wasn't as much blog entries!

Tash said...

I missed the entries but glad you had a great time. If the "high" starts to fade call one of your girlfriends and drink one of those yummy rum drinks the ghost knocked out of your hand. That should give you a little boost. If that fails call me and we'll plan a brief girlfriend outing. I also would love to hear some ghost stories.

I love girls weekends also , but Bob proved how much I really enjoy a simple girls run to Meijers!