Monday, July 7, 2008

The Baptism

God Bless
Liam, Aidan and Connor

Liam, Aidan and Connor were baptized on Saturday with their cousin AnnaJo. It was a beautiful service performed by my cousin Rick, who is a Deacon. The babies all did awesome, not a peep out of any of them. And, Rick got them WET! They were well baptized. ;)

Jen and Craig had a big party at their house and the weather was beautiful so, everyone was able to enjoy their backyard. Jen asked Cathy and Winni to take pictures of the event and they took over 800! That was way more than my WEDDING! I think that we screwed up having Cathy be Jack's Godmother and should have had her be the photographer. Just kidding...being Jack's Godmother is much more important, but I am pretty disappointed with the relatively small number of pictures from my boys' baptism.

I am adding some pictures to this post, but it is really hard choosing from 800+ pictures. If you don't like these, let me know, I've got more....
Getting to the church on time
with Grandma and Grandpa

The Happy Family...and Rick

Liam with his Godparents
Uncle Eric and me

Aidan with his Godparents
Aunt Kristi and Uncle Spencer

Connor with his Godparents
Uncle Steve and Aunt Kari

The Whole Family
Look at those cute little boys in the frong row. ;)

And, the weinermobile???? Cathy!?!?!?!?


Cathy said...

LOL!!! I thought you would like that one!! We saw the weiner mobile on the way home from the party! I had to capture the moment!! LOL!! Winni and I had a wonderful day at the Baptism and we really enjoyed taking the photos! It was a fun day! :)

Jennifer said...

The baptism went perfectly, and the whole thing was captured by Cathy and Winnie. We are truly blessed!!!