Saturday, July 12, 2008


Remember how Ben wants to play soccer...and, we signed him up for a himself...and we were so excited??? Well, funny thing happened with that today.

Ben has mentioned several times that he has to practice playing soccer. I haven't really noticed him practicing soccer, but we do have a bunch of little kids, as well as a bunch of thing to play with while outside. I figured that he either was kicking around the soccer ball when Spencer was out with him or, he was getting distracted by other things when he actually got outside.

Well, today, he once again was talking about how he was going to practice soccer. Ok, whatever. I ran a few errands and Spencer had the boys outside. When I got home, Ben said "look Mom, I'm practicing *soccer*"....

Yup, that's Ben playing BASKETBALL!! LOL!!! Uh oh, Spencer and I looked at eachother. Which one of us is going to tell him that what he thinks is soccer is actually basketball. We did break the news to Ben and he was a little surpised, but he still wants to play soccer. Thank goodness...we were so excited. Ben did ask if he can play basketball next.

Too funny!!! Oh, and by the way, yup, that shot did go in. Go Ben!!! You'll be a fabulous basketball/soccer player!

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Mishelle said...!!! When are these boys of ours going to cut us a break? lol I'm sure he will be great at basketball too!