Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Do These Work????

I *want* them to work. I want to buy them never buy Bounce dryer sheets again and have super-soft clothes. So, have you ever bought them? Please tell me that they are all that they are advertised to be. You know they have that "as seen on tv" stamp of aproval. That means they work....right?

Here's a chance for all of you lurkers to speak up and help me out. I know that you are out there....anyone????


Laura said...

Here is a compendium of's reviews for the product:

I, myself, am a big fan of the Downy ball...filled with Nice 'n Fluffy Escape Lavendar and Sweet Vanilla:

Anonymous said...

This site might help you.


Ltgguy said...

My mom got us some of these and I think they work just fine. I think my wife feels the same way because they are always in the dryer.

Tasha said...

So what's wrong with Bounce sheets???