Thursday, July 10, 2008

What to do on a rainy afternoon...

My friend Rae posted on her blog about a show that she has been enjoying with her son. The show is "Wipeout". I had never heard of it so, I googled it. From there, it took me to ABC's website and then I'm able to watch the episodes that have already aired. I clicked on one yesterday morning and it was pretty funny. I was hooked and couldn't bring myself to turn it off so, when the boys noticed that I was *missing*, they found me and ended up watching most of the show too. Apparently, they enjoyed it and kept talking about it the rest of the day.

So, today when it started storming this afternoon, guess what they wanted to do....yup, watch another episode of "Wipeout". Rae posted that the red ball obstacle was the best...I totally agree!! Too funny!!!


Cathy said...

That's too funny!!! We have been watching that show too... we have to on our DVR!! But we also watch the show right after that called... I survived the Japanses Game Show!! It is really funny! It's like Survivor when they do the challanges and get a reward... and the losing time has to pick to people for elimination challange. Someonoe goes home in the end of the show! Before you know it... you will find yourself saying... Ahhhhh.... MAJIDE!! Check it out!

Jennifer said...

Yup, the red balls are the best! They are so funny to me, that I'm laughing right now thinking about them!
Oh, I completely agree with Cathy! I Survived a Japanese game Show is absolutely hilarious!!! I played part of it for a girlfriend, but she didn't find it as humorous as I did. She did, however, find my reaction to the show quite amusing.