Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Everyone!!!

Part of what makes our trip to OC so fun is that a lot of friends come down and vacation the same week. So, in addition to good times at the beach and on the boards, we are also able to visit with a lot of fun people that we don't see very often.

Most of the friends that are down here are Spencer's friends from high school, and their families. All of these "friends" are turning, or have turned 40 this year. Not that we haven't been celebrating Spencer's 40th birthday for long enough (since FEBRUARY!!), there was another 40th birthday party last night for the whole group of them.

The Old Fogies
The Next Generation

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Anonymous said...

Good times, good times. Great to see the Coyle Family as it grows. Daughter Julia still talks about "the Coyle boys"! Looking forward to seeing them later this month. (oh yeah...AND Spencer and Kelly!)

Eric (Fogey #4)