Sunday, July 27, 2008


Spencer is a wonderful and very helpful husband and daddy. Getting ready to go to the beach every morning with 4 little kids takes a lot of work. Awwww...right?!?! I'm not complaining, I'm just telling the facts.

Anyway, Spencer pretty much took over the job of covering the boys with suntan lotion everyday before we went to the beach. I loved that he did that. It is a big job and definitely not one of my favorite jobs!!

After spending our last afternoon on the beach, Spencer and I were talking about how impressive it is that we made it through another beach vacation without any of our really fair skined kids getting a sunburn.

Since Spencer did the majority of the work, in this department, he got a big 'pat on the back' from me and he couldn't help but 'pat his own back' too.

Well, that night I started to pack up and this is what I found in the suntan lotion bag.

Ummmm....Honey.......why are there EIGHT bottles of OPENED suntan lotion?!?!

Apparently, my wonderful, helpful husband does not like using bottles of suntan lotion that are almost gone. Why????...I have no idea!!! It is not like I was asking him to scrape the bottom of the bottle to get the last remaining drops out. As you can see in the picture, I bought the expensive spray stuff. There is no extra work when it is almost gone. When it stops spraying, you throw it out and open a new one!!!

I asked him how many empty bottles of suntan lotion he threw away this week. After reminding me what a good job he did by not sunburning any of our kids, he admitted that he had not finished and disposed of a single bottle of suntan lotion this week. See the yellow bottle in the picture???...that bottle was almost gone when we left Chicago!! is still almost gone!!

So, we brought all eight, almost empty, bottles of suntan lotion back home again. I guess next year, Spencer will be on 'pack the lunches' for the beach duty.



Jennifer said...

I'd take 8 'mostly' empty bottles of sunblock home rather than even 1'mostly' burned kid! Good Job Spencer!

Kelly said...

Hey, you are my sister, you are not supposed to take HIS side!!!

Mishelle said...

I'm on your side Kelly! Steve does that with toilet paper. He leaves a huge amount on it wnen he decides to put a new one drives me NUTS!!