Wednesday, July 30, 2008

National Lasagna Day

Did you know yesterday was National Lasagna Day?

I had no idea, but the boys and I heard it on the radio yesterday. We like holidays...ummm...and, of course we had to celebrate National Lasagna Day!!

I have a great *recipe* for lasagna and as luck would have it, I even already had all of the ingredients. That never happens to me...I even had garlic bread!!!

Now, I don't want to leave you hanging and I will give you my secret recipe, but you have to promise not to laugh.

....ok, here it is....

You aren't laughing are you???

I'm serious...this stuff is GOOD! The first time we had it, we had been invited over to someone's house for dinner. (I won't name any names.) Anyway, it was around the holidays and the people hosting us ended up being very busy the day we were coming to visit. They picked up one of these at the last minute and served it. We all LOVED the lasagna...even the boys were asking for 2nds and that never happens! We didn't even know that it wasn't homemade until after we finished the meal. We enjoyed it so much that I have been buying them ever since.

So, you can go ahead and laugh, but I also figured out how to work the "delay start" on my oven yesterday so, while you were all slaving away in the kitchen making your lasagnas yesterday, the boys and I spent a couple of hours as the pool and came home to a great smelling house and an excellent dinner.

Happy Lasagna Day!!


Tasha said...

I was not laughing-- It is so you! Supermom I can believe superchef--not! Not because you aren't any good at it but because you would much rather be out having fun then slaving away in the kitchen. Thats when I gave a good laugh when I read you were at the pool---I know you so well don't I?? I wish I knew it was lasagna day because I love to celebrate!

Mishelle said...

You told me once that those were good so I've been buying them too! They ARE good and I even like to cook! We almost had that yesterday but I went with the chicken and rice dish instead...I wish that I would have about National Lasagna Day!

Katie said...

That's an awesome idea - I love lasagna, but never make it! And setting the delay timer on the stove is even better yet - makes you feel like someone special made you dinner!