Friday, January 16, 2009

An ancient flashback...

May 28 or 29, 2002...


June 2002...
Ben, Drew and Me
July 6, 2006
Later that day...Hi Charlie!!!


Cathy said...

Awww... that seems like it was yesterday!! Time sure flies!
The boys were cute when they were first born... but they are even cutier nowand so much fun to play with!!
I have to tell you... my arm is still sore from playing on the Wii with Ben and Jack on Thursday's snow day! Your boys are really good on the Wii and it was tough trying to catch up with them! I had a great time! But I have to say... my favorite part of that day was listening to Drew singing "Penny Lane"! He should tryout for the American Idol!! :)

Nicole O'Dell said...

Wow! Amazing they were that little, isn't it?