Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I've never done a "Not Me! Monday" before. I read and enjoy Sara's "Not Me! Monday" every week, but I've never been able to come up with something clever enough for one...until today. Let's see if I can put this all together...funny is NOT my strong suit.

Here goes...

First of all, I did NOT "steal" the "Not me!" graphic right off of Sara's blog to get this ball rolling. But, if I did, I am NOT sure that she wouldn't mind because I heard that she NEVER right-clicks anything.

I was NOT the one that thought it would be a good idea to take a family outing to go visit the top of the Hancock building on Saturday the snow storm.

I also did NOT agree that we better come up with an alternate plan when we couldn't see the top of the 10 story office buildings in Oak Brook, from the highway.

Furthermore, I really did NOT get excited when we decided to go to the Museum of Science and Industry instead...because I wasn't exactly sure where exactly the Museum of Science and Industry was located. And, that would NOT mean that I could actually use my new Garmin (GPS) system to go somewhere that I didn't already know where I was going...make sense?!? Because, I have NOT been using my new Garmin to go to Target and Jewel since Christmas because, that would be kind of dorky. And, I am NOT a dork!

I was NOT the one that wore shoes that are open in the back...because they are comfy and cute. Because as comfy and cute as shoes with no backs are, I'm sure that they are not comfy after getting wet socks from walking in 12 inches of snow and slop to go to lunch at the Rainforest Cafe....and they surely wouldn't be cute at that point either!

I did NOT try to take a picture of my youngest son because he looked so cute when the gorillas at the Rainforest Cafe kinda scared him. That would not have been nice at all!

But, if I did that to my youngest son, I am sure that he would NOT have gotten "even" with me, by yelling "NO! Mommy! Dinnah! (dinner)" and point to the kitchen when I sat down on the family room floor to take a break from making dinner. That really would not have been nice of him. And, if he had done that I would have definitely NOT been impressed, even though he said it very clearly and put 3 words together...kind of.

Finally, I am NOT really glad that we did not know that it was "free day" at the museum because we surely would NOT, not have gone on a "free day" because it is NOT hard enough to keep track of all of these kids, that belong to us, without the herds of people that DON'T go on "free day". Fortunately, we were NOT the only people that did not know that it was "free day" because we were NOT like the only people there and we did NOT have a BLAST!! Unfortunately, I did NOT forget my camera in my coat pocket, which I did NOT leave in the car, because we were NOT able to park inside, away from all the yucky snow and slop.

That's it...what do you think? I had fun, but I think that I might have gotten a little carried away in the last paragraph...hopefully, it wasn't too confusing.


DESJ and Company said...

Ahhhh I feel so loved!

BTW the Museum is only like 30 minutes from my house!

Didja have fun? And it was free! Even better :)

Nicole O'Dell said...

Great list!!

BTW the museum is like 45 mins from where I grew up. (About 2 hours from me now.) I always loved the fairy castle and the fetus exhibit. :)

Cathy said...

Not bad... Not bad at all! I liked it!

I would like to say one thing... I am glad that I was NOT you on Saturday driving in that nasty weather! We stayed home all day in our Pjs with the fireplace going and catching up with the shows on the DVR from vacation! LOL!!

I am looking forward to see what you come up with next week. Maybe you need to start thinking like the boys to come up with some ideas for next week... like the boys had to do for school with looking for that unique word.. like "skirt"! You guys are all so cute! Good luck! :)

Jennifer said...

Please post the picture of CHarlie with the gorillas, thanks!

Scott and Jaclyn said...

ha...very cute. I was thinking the same thing...where's the pic with the gorilla?... :P