Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I'm back for a second edition of "Not Me! Monday". I'm still not sure if it is something that I am going to continue.

Spencer said that he liked it, but he might have just figured that by saying he liked it, he would get a quick "out" of a long conversation about my blog, in which he would have received the 3rd degree about what exactly he didn't like about it.

My friend, Cathy said she liked it, but then followed it up with "so, did you go to the museum or not?". So, she might have "liked it", but I'm not sure that she "got it". ;)

I did go back to Spencer to follow-up about whether or not it was too confusing. He said that he was not confused when he read it....but, then he reminded me that he was physically present for all of the things that I talked about. Hmmmm....I guess I'll have to throw out his opinion about whether it is, or isn't too confusing.

Jen said she didn't like it. Sisters are brutally honest that way. I ended up telling her that she was wrong, it was good, and she just needed to get used to it. So there! :)

So, I'm doing it again. In case you find the post confusing, I've put in a "secret" code. I've put all of the fake "not"s in CAPITALS. If I get carried away, or you just can't keep up, ignore the big NOTS. :)

Here goes...

I did NOT tell my very loving, very caring, very hard working husband, that got up to shovel at 5am, that I did not realize that he had shoveled because I had just assumed that the snow had just blown off the driveway. Ooops, not cool.

When we lost most of our tv channels last week, my husband did NOT say that we would have to wait until it thawed out because he was not going to get up on our roof, when it was -41 degrees with wind chill, to chip it out....because that would be crazy...ummmm.....unless it still wasn't working on Sunday when the Eagles game would be on.

I did NOT open Charlie's bedroom window when it was -41 degrees because he had a really stinky diaper that stunk up just about the entire house.

I did NOT find myself on many times in the last week hoping to find a really, REALLY good deal to some place warm...for 6 people. They're not (notice no capitalization) :( I might have to start NOT looking for real estate, down south, instead.

We did NOT, not require our kids to wear hats and mittens to church on Sunday, because it felt warmer out. Yeah, ummmm...the car thermometer did NOT register at 11 degrees on the way to church that day. Oops.

And, finally, I did NOT laugh really loud when I saw this....

and, I definitely did not tell my sister that I am glad to be done with that stage....that would have been kinda rude.

That's there anything that you did NOT do last week?!?!?!

Happy Monday. ;)


Nicole O'Dell said...

Next week you should say, "I did NOT take a poll about what to put in my own blog!" lol ;) I'm just kidding, kind of. Seriously, do what makes you happy and feels fun and/or therapeutic to you. It is your blog, after all. I love reading the Not Me!'s I haven't done any yet, though.

FUNNY pic with the babies trampling all over the gate!

DESJ and Company said...

OK I like it!
But then again, I do it every week :)

Cathy said...

Hey Kel... I like it.. it's something different... but as you said.. it was a bit confusing at first since I have neveer seen it before.
It really helped to ignore the "big not" to aviod the confusion... and I love your creative ideas!
Too bad... I would love to see a picture of Spencer on the roof cleaning the dish!! LOL!!

Jennifer said...

You forgot to mention that you did NOT ask my opinion about your "Not Me! Monday" post. I'm brutally honest when asked a question from my sister (remember that tatoo shirt, LOL!).

Kelly said...

Hey Jen, I do remember my tatoo shirt because I love that shirt and think I look really cool in it! It is in my closet waiting for the weather to warm up and me to do about 5,000 situps. So BLAH!!

Tash said...

I always love your blog , I do Not have to read more slowly as to not get confused! Very cute and like Cathy said you are very creative and I will add fun! BTW I loved you in the tatoo shirt and the mention of trying to find some rates for the warm places reminded me of our trip to the airport in January trying to find a flight to anywhere warm---we didn't care where it was! That was sad (being poor college students ) but it was also fun! Don't forget if you get any southern real estate to have plenty of guest space for us to visit!