Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Answer...

If you missed the post from yesterday, read it first...and guess. Here is the link.

Your guesses cracked me up. Nobody got it right, but Cathy was the closest. One of her guesses was 1/2 right.

The background is that the Cub Scouts went on a tour of a firehouse. It was a great tour. The boys really enjoyed it, and I actually did too. The fireman that gave us the tour was very patient and was great with the boys. He really took his time and answered all of the boys' questions...even the crazy ones.

So, on the way out of the tour, we stopped to talk to one of the other firemen. He talked to the boys a bit and asked them what they should do if their house is on fire. Instead of answering, they all just laid on the floor and started rolling around. They were all so excited to show off that that they know about "stop-drop & roll" that they forgot about GETTING OUT OF THE HOUSE!!
We're going to the library next....look out!!!


Cathy said...

Woo Hoo!!! I was sooooo close!!
Totally forgot about Cub Scouts... which would make more sense since I know you take them on field trips. I love your comment about how it's good that they know the "Stop.. Drop.. and Roll"... but it would be more important to get out of the house too!! LOL!!
Great job Cub Scouts!!

Tasha said...

Smart , Cathy---how you got so close is cool! It sure is good to know the "stop drop roll" but hopefully the fireman explained it is only if they are actually on fire themselves. To get out of the house they should crawl if the smoke is thick, I bet they learned a lot and I am glad that you had a nice fireman for the tour. Cool field trip!