Monday, January 5, 2009

In the spirit???

I'm guessing that those of you that don't know Drew, in real life, will not find this little exchange as funny as those that do. But, for those of you that know Drew as the sweetest little boy in the history of the world, it is pretty darn funny! I only hope that I can convey the tone. If not, nobody will think it is that great of a story. But, Spencer and I got a good laugh out of it. ;)

Spencer got this Christmas gift from Drew...

Isn't that nice. Drew is going to do a "chore" for Spencer. Drew forgot to give it to Spencer on Christmas so he gave it to him yesterday.

Did you notice the yellow writing on it?

Spencer: "Hey Drew, what does it say here in yellow?"

Drew, who was "busy" doing some writing at the kitchen counter said: "short"

Spencer (teasing a bit): "Short? What's a short chore? Is that the opposite of a tall chore?"

Drew (not amused): "No, a short chore is a chore that is not long."

Spencer: "Huh?"

Drew (still not amused): "A SHORT chore is a chore that takes a SHORT amount of time!"

Spencer and Drew banter back and forth a bit until Drew, who is still not amused and never stopped his writing, finally turned around and said: "Just tell me what short chore you want me to do....ALREADY!!!"

Ok, then.


Katie said...

that was a smart insertion of the word "short" - I found it hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Too funny!!! I am quite impressed that Drew thought about it, what a smart boy. I mean, come on, it could have been a really hard/long chore that would take Drew away from his writing. Elaine

Mishelle said...

Now THAT was a gift given with some thought!!!

Cathy said...

This is hilarious!!!! I LOVE IT!!!
What a great way to start off the day... specially since I didn't sleep well last night!
Thank you Drew!!

So what is the "short" chore Spencer gonna give Drew?? :)

Let us know what he did and how it went! I would love to hear all about it!

You know... Drew has the wildest imagination and sometimes I wish that I could squeeze myself into his mind and see what he is thinking. I think it would be an exciting adventure!! :)

Love you Drew and thanks for the morning laugh!! :P