Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!!!

I hope that you had a wonderful New Years!! We rang in the New Year very quietly. We were very excited about having some friends over for another kid-friendly New Year's party. Unfortunately, Ben threw up during the night before the party and was not feeling well at all yesterday.

Poor Ben...

We debated for much of the day about whether we should still have the party, but we finally ended up deciding that people would rather not come than come and bring home kids with whatever pukey virus Ben has. If everyone else in our family stays healthy, we have re-scheduled the party for Saturday night. So, it will be a New Year's Eve on January 3rd. Nice.

So, here is now we spent NYE 2008....
Frozen Pizzas

And lots, and lots and lots of Wii! Santa brought the boys a Wii for Christmas and we are all loving it! The games are awesome and I love the little Mii charachters..

Here is our Mii Family...

"Snappy D" is Drew. He nicknamed himself Snappy D a few weeks ago because he was very proud of his new ability to snap....the first of the brothers to be able to do it.

"Benjamin" the cool hat!

"Jack" I missed getting a picture of the front of Jack. But, this is perfect because he is playing BASEBALL, which of course he LOVES!! probably could tell since I'm the only girl. ;)

"Daddy" took his Mii so seriously that he even dressed like his little Mii guy.Charlie doesn't have a Mii yet, but here is a picture of the real Charlie being silly while the rest of the family was Wii-ing.

I've been really impressed with how everyone is doing with the games. When we played bowling for the first time on Christmas, I thought that I was going to beat everyone for a long time. They were lousy. Now, a week later, almost everyone beats me every game. I did not play this game, but check out the scores!!

Jack bowled 269, Ben 212, Spencer 179 and Drew 131. That is amazing to me.

Spencer and I did make it until midnight. We didn't have a wild and crazy New Year's Eve, but we enjoyed a quiet night of watching tv and drinking champagne.
Happy New Year!!!

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Cathy said...

Awwww.... poor Ben (and eveeryone else too)!! Hope you feel better buddy!
It looks like everyone is enjoying the Wii!! I know Winni would love it too. Peter and Billy got one for Christmas too and they are going nuts with them. Maybe I need to come over and see if I can score 300 in bowling!?!? :)