Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This is good!!!

At least I think so. :)

The boys are each supposed to read for 10 minutes a night and fill out a weekly reading log. With school just starting back up again, the reading log has changed a little bit for Ben and Jack. Each day, we have had to write what book was read and the time spent reading in the log. Now, the teachers have added a column for the boys to list "interesting words" that they come across while reading.

Usually, the boys each read to Spencer or I, before it is time to go to bed. Every once in a while, I will read part of a chapter book to all of them instead. Last night was one of those nights. I started reading "Mr. Klutz in Nuts" to them before Christmas and finally picked it up again last night. Ben and Drew were paying extra close attention so that they could pick up on any "interesting words" to write on their reading log. They stopped me a few times to point out "interesting words", or to ask me what a word meant.

In one part of the story, the kids had put a tack on the teacher's chair and it got stuck on her skirt. Ben stopped me as I read that part to ask me what a "skirt" was.

Jack and Drew are jumping around: "I know what a skirt is, I know what a skirt is, I'll tell you what a skirt is."

Me: "Seriously Ben, you don't know what a skirt is?"

Ben: "well, is it like a shirt thing?"

Me: "Ok, Jack, what is a skirt?"

Jack: "A skirt is the same thing as a tutu!!"

Ok, how does my SON not know what a skirt is, but knows what a TUTU is?!?!?!?!

Me: "Drew, do you know what a skirt is?"

Drew, standing up on his bed to demonstrate: "Yeah, it's like a tutu, but, it's ummmm, it's ummmmm, like a looooong tutu."

Spencer was in the room too when this conversation was going on and I think he was a little proud. We've got ourselves some *real* mean living in this house and I guess mom wears jeans a little too often.

Boys are weird. ;)


Cathy said...

Ah... too funny!! Now you just gave me an idea to get the boys for their birthdays in May...


Why not... they are Irish, aren't they? LOL!!

I would love to see Drew's demostration. :)

Stephanie said...

HaHa, thanks for the giggle!