Friday, January 2, 2009

Flashback Friday

Poor, Cute, Little, Sick Drew 05/2004

We're sick. :(

We have some sort of yucky pukey virus thing going around our house. It started on Tuesday night with Ben, and then Drew threw up last night, and then Jack and I threw up early this morning. The good thing is that it seems to be of the 12/24 hour variety and not the week-long stuff that is at Theresa's house. The boys bounced back pretty quickly and were in pretty good spirits today. I, on the other hand was pretty much a lump on the couch all day. Jack and Drew made me look like a whimp as they ran around and played for most of the day while I was moaning and groaning from the couch. Luckily, I married a very cool guy, (that works for a great company that was closed today) and he let me be a lump on the couch all day. I have big plans to majorly dis-infect our house tomorrow.


The Wright Trips said...

Oh no...hope everyone is feeling better. We've got it here, too. Blah!

Cathy said...

I remember that picture of Drew and watching him sitting on the floor with his milk watching TV.
I hope you all are feeling better. What a great way to start off the new year! LOL!!

Tasha said...

So does this mean you have to cancel Sat's party too?? I hope not--feel better!