Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A feel good post...

This is a "feel good" post for you...not me.....it actually makes me feel kinda lousy. But, I'm posting it because I am sure that it will make *you all* feel just great. Well, "all, you all"except for my mom. She's too nice. She'll feel sorry for me that I've been so busy (lazy). My mom is awesome.

So, here it is. Today is "Christmas Eve, Eve", as my children has been saying. Here is a picture, that I took today, of my dining room table.
Did you notice the nice 4th of July decorations on them? Actually, I did not put them on the table for the 4th of July, I put them on the table for Memorial Day. ouch!

I appreciate that none of you felt that you needed to comment about my patriotic decorations when I posted this picture from Spencer's mom's birthday.
But, her birthday was the same week as that disastrous election so, I probably could have made some connection to that.

Unfortunately, those stinkin' decorations were still there for my dad's birthday, which was the same week as Thanksgiving....a little harder to explain.

I guess that I have some work to do before everyone comes for Christmas Eve dinner tomorrow. At least I have some little elves to help me. ;)
I hope you are more prepared than me. ;)


Katie said...

Being patriotic is in so you can use it a lot - right? LOL! You have way better things to do with your time. When we were house hunting this summer one house we liked had their dining room decked out with all their Christmas china yet - table set and all - and they lived there. So dont' feel bad at all - they had no excuse. It was even dusty!

Nicole O'Dell said...

lol, don't put it away, you only have a few months until you'll need it again...

Tasha said...

I don't feel sorry for you , but I'll make excuses for you: Yes election time is a great time to show your patriotism. Thanksgiving is a very "American" holiday. And my favorite, that I got from Rachel who was wearing her Fourth of July socks to a Christmas party the other night: Oh those are just Christmas stars.

Jennifer said...

Come on and post pictures of the rest of the house. I was just there last week and didn't even notice the dining room with all of your beautiful Christmas decorations in every other room. And by far, you have the most beautiful Christmas tree. show that! Plus, if I were you I would leave the dining room just the way it is for your inaugural address party that you are going to have in a few weeks ;-).

Cathy said...

Don't put it away yet!!!
You will need it for January 20th for OBAHMA!!! I know how much you LOVE him! LOL!
Besides there is New Years, President's b-day and other American holidays coming up next month! :)
We love ya!
Cathy & Winni :)

Cathy said...

Almost forgot... I love the "Elf" picture of Charlie!!