Monday, December 1, 2008

The Top 10 Reasons....

...that we have agreed to go ahead with the possibility of Baby #5.

10. All of the strangers that the boys and I meet at the grocery store tell me that I *need* a girl.

9. We have purchased an "Executive Membership" from Costco and we want to get our money's worth.

8. I love onsies. I'm going to start potty-training Charlie after the holidays. And, after he is potty-trained, no more onsies. :(

7. I want more cute little stick people on my car.

6. My friend, Theresa, has 5 kids and she makes it look really easy. ;) I don't know why she titled her blog "Managing Chaos".

5. I kind of regret painting the guest room peach and Spencer is not going to agree to have it repainted without a really good reason.
...and I need a reason to organize it.

4. My other 4 kids are just so darn cute, how could we not try for one more.

3. Hmmmm.....maybe 5 kids would trump Jen's triplets (3!!! kids) and win us back our "Date Night". Kidding, kidding, kidding, totally kidding. ;)

2. Jack quite often complains that he "doesn't have anyone to play with". Hmmm....go figure!

And....the Number 1 reason that we are going ahead with Baby #5 is.......

The State of Illinois could really use some more Little Conservative Republicans!!!!


Scott and Jaclyn said...

love it! :)

Little Johnny said...

That #1 reason is the best!

Tash said...

I bet you couldn't think of a reason not to go ahead with #5---I know I couldn't. I'm so excited excited excited!!! Boy or girl. I don't even care, even though I expected a girl for you in the first place.

Cathy said...

Republicans!?!? Sorry... you might have to move to another state!! LOL!! Anyways... you know me and how I feel about politics. But I wanted to say that I am excited and can't wait to see your little girl! BTW.. Winni thinks you are nuts!! I don't think he could ever handle 5 kids if he can't even handle our CAT!! LOL!! I can't wait to hear the news on the 7th in which I am sure you will post on your blog! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Amen to #1!