Monday, December 8, 2008

Nippy likes to read...

But, did he have to pull out ALL of the boys' books while they were sleeping.

I guess this is what Santa meant when he said that the elves are sometimes a little mischievous. The boys did think it was pretty funny when they woke up this morning and they saw their books all over the floor. I just hope that Nippy is a good cleaner-upper too.


Cathy said...

Nippy... what a mess!! I hope he knows how to clean up too!! I hope this didn't make the boys late for school!! LOL!

Jennifer said...

I've been checking your blog more often lately... partly because I am interested in reading the 'congratulations' e-mails about my upcoming niece/nephew, but partly because I want to hear what Nippy is up to :-). I'm glad the boys have a 'fun' elv visitor!!!