Friday, December 12, 2008

Flashback Friday

I opted for a "Warm Weather Flashback".
The boys got BigWheels for their 4th birthday.
They LOVED them!!
June 2006

And for a "SUPER Flashback Friday"
Oak Street, Summer 1976 (about)
Jen, Michael, Dominick, Jeff, Karen & Me (I think)


Nicole O'Dell said...

So cute! I showed this post to my husband. He never had a big wheel and thought for sure they didn't make them anymore. He was totally jealous of your little guys. LOL

Tasha said...

I love that photo of the 3 of them. Big wheels are so cool- I hope Claire gets onewhen she is able to reach the pedals ( Rachel never had one)

Karen Geringer said...

That is so cool! I did not know that we had so many big wheels! I used to love our parades! Can you email me that picture??