Saturday, December 27, 2008

Miscellaneous Nippy Antics

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit with Nippy. I already posted about some of the fun things that he did while he was here. I thought I would do one final Nippy post and include other miscellaneous pictures of his antics.

Nippy liked to leave treats for the boys and even mom and dad some times. We found him one morning hanging out in the freezer. I guess he didn't think Chicago was cold enough?!?! Later that afternoon, we found some green ice cream with red sprinkles for everyone.

One afternoon, he left the boys a plate of cookies.

They were well received. These kids LOVE cookies!!

He enjoyed playing and hiding in some of our Christmas decorations. The boys really enjoyed searching for him every morning and after school. This was one of the hiding places that gave the boys a difficult time. Charlie actually found him first. Whenever Charlie found Nippy, he would yell "Nippy...YAY!!!" over and over again.

He took a ride on the train...his note said that he was wondering if the train went to the North Pole.
It took us several days to finish putting out all of our Christmas decorations....or maybe a week, or 2. While we were "in process", we had put all of the Christmas figurines and stuff on a coffee table. Nippy apparently made friends with all of the Christmas guys and they all had a snow ball fight in the middle of the night. The boys thought that was too cool!!

And finally, Nippy got a little homesick for the North Pole and decided that we did not have enough snow. So, he made a "winter wonderland" in the boys' bedroom with toilet paper. The boys were definitely surprised when they woke up the next morning.

The other day, Jack and Drew were talking about how Nippy would be leaving us on Christmas Eve. Jack said that he hopes that Santa sends an elf again next year. Drew said that he really hopes that Santa sends Nippy back to our house next year. Jack asked him what difference did it make if Santa sent Nippy, or a different elf. Drew was appalled, he said that he wants Nippy to come back to our house because he loves NIPPY!! So sweet! I hope Santa sends Nippy back too.
Thanks Santa!!


Tasha said...

Nippy is so cool, I hope Santa sends him back too. Abnother elf just wouldn't be the same. I wonder where Nippy comes up with some of his antics?

Kelly said...

LOL! Ummmm, yeah. I think he borrows some ideas from some other elves that he knows. ;)

Nicole O'Dell said...

I think Nippy is so cute! I hope he visits my house sometime.

Jennifer said...

Fun! Fun! Fun! I hope to see Nippy again next year!