Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Random Thoughts (well, more like rants)....

I wonder if Rod Blagojevich and George Ryan are going to be cell mates. Wouldn't that be cool to have our last and current governors, of the state of Illinois, locked up together. I'm so proud of this state and the politicians that we produce. NOT!

There was a lady in the carpool line that is Hello Kitty crazy. In addition to a bunch of "Hello Kitty" novelty decorations, she had on a pink coat, had a pink fuzzy steering wheel and a pink fuzzy cover over her seat. And, it was a regular Honda Odyssey minivan. What a nut. Spencer would kill me if I did that to my van. Hmmm....it would be one way to make my car all MINE! Totally not worth it though.

I was in the post office last week and the employee that was "assisting" me at the counter was "in training". I don't mind (usually) when I get someone in-training. Charlie and I don't go anywhere too fast so, I don't mind waiting a little bit extra while someone learns a new job. Here was my problem though....the lady didn't know how to type.... AT ALL!!!! It was not just that she was a slow hunt & peck typist....no, ummm, she, like, couldn't find the letters on the keyboard. At one point, she turned around to the person training her and said that she just couldn't find "Y".

OMG! I want to know how, in such a horrible economy, with so many people out of work, the USPS hires a lady that can't find "Y" on the keyboard. And, if you did not have a job, and wanted a job that required a bit of typing, wouldn't you FAMILIARIZE YOURSELF WITH THE KEYBOARD!!! My 6 year olds, and quite possibly my 2 year old, could find "Y" on the keyboard faster than this woman that is getting paid to type things into the computer. What a joke!

And finally, my last "rant" brings us back to the car pool line at school. Is it obvious that I spend a lot of time in the car pool line?

Anyway, it amazes me every day just how stupid people are. It is unbelieveable. The car pool drop-off line is set up so that a entire row of about 12 cars can empty their kids out at the same time. After those 12, or so, cars empty, they leave and the next 12 come in and do the same thing. It should work really well. There are a lot of teachers out there every morning to direct cars and keep the kids safe.

The problem is that the car spot that is closest to the door of the school is in the middle of the line. That shouldn't really be a problem, but it blows my mind, the number of people that refuse to drop off their "prince" or "princess" at a spot, other than, the closest spot to the door of the school.

First off, it is totally rude and results in a line that moves much slower than it really should...especially on really cold, or rainy days. But the part that really blows my mind is that these parents are completely disregarding the teachers (their children's own teachers!) that are frantically waving in their windshield to get them to move their car forward. What kind of dummy sends their kid to school with the message of "you don't really need to listen to your teacher, just do what is best for you!". Unbelievable!


Nicole O'Dell said...

I like how you think. lol Those things would get to me, too. Especially the car pool line...UGH!

PS. I'm in Illinois, too.

Anonymous said...

Kelly - about the bathroom problem - just let them know that they cannot go during class. That is the rule - it works!! Trust me they are not going to "wet" themselves at 6 years old - especially if they go before class begins.

Cathy said...

LOL!! Too funny! I love the bathroom part... you know.. maybe you should keep a pack of Depends (or whatever they are called for kids) for the kid!!! The carpool part... I like what you said about getting parents to "listen" to the teacher!! And the post office... that would drive me nuts! I would have taken the keyboard and done it myself. LOL!!

msmichelel said...

Kelly -
Well, I cannot stand car pick up line most days! It does amaze me that we have parents in the line that actually passed drivers ed! And on my side, people do 6 point turns so they don't have to go into the circle and they also stop and park and so you get stuck behind them and then can't move. And they park on both sides of the street for their "walkers" and then block up everything Gosh, makes me see red most days. I can't wait till its walking weather again because of it!
I guess I am glad I don't help in Religous Ed, lol

Anonymous said...

I am one of those teachers that is flagging cars down to move up!! I hate car line duty!!!!!


Katie said...

There has to be some smart thing you can say? It has to be not fun to go in order to stop it. I recall doing the same thing in CCD - except you would get to take a friend with you. Really bad idea. Do you think we were gone for only 5 minutes. Nope. Do people realize what monsters they are raising by totally disregaring people in position of leadership - talk about bad role models. Just think of that house in 5 or 6 years and be glad they won't be your little nightmares.

Jennifer said...

Ugh, the parents who are not 'following directions' and completely disregarding the teachers requests are the same people who wonder why thier children are so misbehaved. Soooo frustrating!!!
And as far as the 'Y' is concerned, shame on the employee AND the employer!!!