Sunday, December 21, 2008

A funny Nippy story...

I've got a lot of Nippy updates that I was going to put all in one post, but this story was kind of long so, I thought it deserved it's own post. Stay tuned for the rest of the updates, they are coming.

One day, Drew came home from school with only one shoe. It is not as bad as it sounds.... he was WEARING his boots and his shoes were supposed to be in his backback. Unfortunately, he did not zip his backpack so, by the time he got home, he only had one shoe. You may find it surprising that a child can lose a shoe in school but, I actually find it surprising that most days, 6 shoes, 6 boots, 6 mittens, 3 backpacks, 3 pairs of snowpants and 3 hats *do* come home from school. 1st grade teachers are miracle workers!!! Kindergarten and preschool teachers too!! ;)

Anyway, we don't have extra gym shoes. So, I sent him to school the next day with instructions to search lost & found for his shoe. After searching lost & found, he came home the next day and reported that he did not find it. There was not time that night to go buy another pair of shoes because we had homework, dinner and RE. Drew was a bit disappointed that he was going to miss PE the next day, but was handling it pretty well.

The next day, when Drew got home from school, he told me that he was able to go to PE because Nippy brought him shoes at school. Ben then jumped in and said that he had forgotten his gym shoes at home and Nippy had also brought him shoes....but, they were not his shoes, and they were a bit too small. Apparently, our silly elf accidentally switched the new gym shoes that he got for Drew, and brought them to Ben's class, and then brought Ben's shoes to Drew's class. But, regardless, both Ben and Drew lucked out that Nippy is with us becaues he brought their gym shoes to them, at school, and they know that their mom would NEVER have done that!!!

One final thing to add to this story..... Every night at dinner, Spencer asks the boys to tell him something about school. The fact that an ELF! brought their shoes to school didn't come up. It took A LOT of hints from me before they FINALLY remembered that a friggin' magical elf brought their shoes to school!!! Then it was "Oh yeah, Nippy brought our shoes to school, ummmm...can I have dessert now?" . I think we've got many years of Christmas magic left. :)


Jennifer said...

Too funny! How great of Nippy to do that for Ben and Drew. Christmas Magic is the best!!!

Tasha said...

I love Nippy, I bet that really surprised the boys.

Cathy said...

Too funny that Nippy got the shoes mixed up!! LOL! I would loved to see Ben's face as I was in the area that day! LOL!