Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More Christmas Bits...

Ok, this video didn't go as I planned at all. But, I had to post it anyway.

Charlie loves animated singing toys/decorations. When we go shopping, we always have to stop to visit all of the singing "friends" in the seasonal decoration department of Target, or Jewel, or Hallmark, or wherever we are.

When we pulled our our Christmas decorations out this year, Charlie fell in love with this Jingle Bell-ing Santa that we received from Spencer's mom a couple of years ago. After we took it out of the box this year, Charlie played it CONSTANTLY...he played it so much that the crazy song was stuck in my head all of the time. It was kind of driving me crazy.

But, then Charlie started singing with Santa and it was so cute. I went from hating that toy to loving it. Charlie has such a sweet, little singing voice and I love hearing him sing along with the big man.

So, that is why I had to post the video. Even though Charlie was much more interested in his toes(?) than the Santa on this particular night, I still had to get him on video with the singing Santa. I'm thinking with the amount of play and abuse this Santa took this year, he won't be around for too many more Christmases and I just had to capture him in action with Charlie.

There is one more quick, funny story about Charlie and his Santa... One day, Charlie had the Santa on the coffee table. He was playing with the Santa and watching a show on tv at the same time. So, he would push the button on Santa and then turn around to watch his show. When Santa finished, Charlie would turn to push the button again and then turn around again to finish watching his show. I was making dinner in the kitchen and not paying too much attention to what he was doing. But, then I heard him saying "ow, ow, ow, ow" the whole time that Santa was singing. Then when Santa was finished singing, the "ow-ing" stopped. Of course, Charlie would push the button again and then I would hear him saying "ow, ow, ow" again. I went to see what was going on. It was so funny....if you notice in the video, Santa is swinging jingle bells. Well, Charlie was standing too close to Santa and kept getting whacked in the back of the head with Santa's jingle bells. It was so funny because he kept doing it....*he* kept pushing that button and *he* kept standing in the same place getting whacked in the head.

He made me laugh so hard!!

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Cathy said...

This is very cute and the story is pretty funny. I would loved to see that!! :) Great Job Charlie! Will you sing for me??