Saturday, December 6, 2008

Jumping into the season with two feet!!!

Today was a BUSY day.

We had our annual Santa breakfast for our local triplet group. It is a great event for a no pressure, take as much time as you want visit with Santa. I always really enjoy it because I like to see all of the triplets looking so cute to see Santa.

I took a lot of pictures at the event. I threw them into a montage if you are interested in seeing a lot of really cute kids and families. If you happen to think that it is a shame that we don't have a picture of all of the triplets together, you obviously have never been at a triplet event. It is.....well....we'll just say a little NUTSO!! It would be awesome to have a picture of all of the kids, but it would be impossible.

After we got home and Charlie took a nap, we went to Cosley Zoo to look at the lights and get our Christmas tree. Cosley Zoo is a cute little zoo and they do a great job with the lights for Christmas. The boys really enjoy it every year. It was a bit chilly, but everyone still enjoyed it and we got our tree. Actually, I think I am the only one that noticed the cold....but, it was really COLD!!

The selection has been made. It is a nice looking tree!!

Daddy even got some help getting it out to the car.

First picture with our 2008 Christmas tree!

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Cathy said...

Cute video... you guys were BUSY!! I love the last picture with Charlie! :) Happy Holidays!