Saturday, December 6, 2008

Our newest addition..., not that! We don't find out about "that" until tomorrow.

The newest addition to our family (temporarily) is an elf, from the North Pole, named Nippy.

We were very surprised when he arrived Thursday morning. We have never had an elf in our house before. The boys found him on a lamp in their bedroom and a note was attached to the door. The note explained that every year Santa picks a few special boys and girls to host one of his "magical elves" for a few weeks before Christmas and this year, Santa picked the boys to host Nippy. They were very excited!

The boys were even more excited when they got home from school and found that Nippy had left them some cookies. Friday morning, he made their lunches, (which they thought was so cool!) and then after looking for him all over the house, they were suprised to find Nippy on my car dashboard when we left for school.

So, it is becoming ritual to find Nippy each morning. It is so exciting to see what our little elf has been up to as we all slept! I have heard that sometimes the elves get into a little mischief...this is going to be fun!! I think that we will all miss our little friend when he heads back to the North Pole, with Santa, on Christmas Eve.


Anonymous said...

Loved the idea! I may do that, sounds like fun times! Nice pictues of Santa!! We had sad faces in ours:(.


Mishelle said...

He looks just like our elf Jingle! What a coincidence! Maybe they are long lost twins or triplets??! My kids are enjoying our elf visits too.

trpl131 said...

He must be an identical triplet, as we have one exactly like him too named "JingleS". hmmm.. Our Elf is quiet lazy though, he only flies up to the NP every night and finds a new spot to hid every AM. (if Mommy or Daddy race down to give him a hand before the Jr. Elves go looking for him. More than once we've muttered "Oh, $%#@, we gotta move the elf!"

It's a fun tradition!

Jennifer said...

I was so glad to learn that Nippy is staying with your family this year. What an exciting month!!! I'm looking forward to hearing all the fun things he is going to get into.

Tasha said...

I have been "wanting" one of those elves for awhile now. I never did request one from Santa because I was trying to be good and felt I did not "need" one. Now I am having second thoughts.
It looks like you will have a lot of fun with your houseguest.