Monday, March 31, 2008

The Best Game Ever!!

My dad has always been really good at inventing games out of nothing. If there are kids around and my dad is there, nobody is ever bored! My mom and dad used to have a family bbq and backyard party every summer. They pretty much invited everyone that we knew. My dad organized a softball game every year. (A real CHICAGO softball game...16" ball with no mitts!) My grandma was the catcher, my dad was the pitcher and everyone else took turns batting and playing in the field. It was amazing that he literally got everyone playing. Even 2 year olds could figure out how to run the bases and chase the ball. Amazingly, everyone got a hit and the score always ended up in a tie.

That is an example of a big organized thing, but seriously, even if it was just a few minutes, with just a few kids, he had us playing some sort of game. Who can stand on their head the longest?, who could throw the rock closest to a cup? who can get the most skips out of their rock on a pond?, you name it, we played it. If you all are wondering where I got my competitive spirit you know!
Jack, Grandpa, Ben and Drew
January 2005

I don't believe that I am particularly creative in making up new games. I usually end up resorting to "Tic-Tac-Toe" and "Hangman". Well, that was until today. The boys were getting dressed for their Karate class and came down for some help with tying their belt. Somehow, Ben and I ended up in a tug-of-war with it. The result of that tug-of-war was the invention of a brand new game. The object of the game was for the boys to pull the belt out of my hand without falling over. If they were able to get the belt and remain on their feet, they got a point. If they ended up on their bottom with the belt, I got a point. It may sound like a silly game, or dare I say a "stupid" game, but we had such a good time and laughed so hard! Well, Spencer and I and Charlie did most of the laughing, but we all really did have fun with it. For my readers that care about winning and losing, I did win most of the matches. Ben was really catching on at the end and was tough to beat. Jack was hit-or-miss and I definitely had Drew's number. I don't think Drew got a single point. MUHAHAHAHA!!! Just kidding. ;)

What should we call our new game???

Jack Went DOWN...Another point for MOMMY!!


Tasha said...

It never ceases to amaze me how much fun you and your family have.You are too cool! I'm a reader who was happy to hear you won most of the matches- I always cheer for you ( I was just teasing in my last comment.)
You wouldn't be you without your competitive spirit and I know your boys will all be winners too!

Cathy said...

LOL! Too funny!! So really... what is the name of this game?? Kelly... it is so true about making a game out of nothing! There are a million games you can create with just the things around your house. Now.. I don't have any kids... but we have a cat.. her name is Alley! Every year, we get her a new toy for her birthday (which is coming up soon.. she will be 6 years old.. just like the boys). Well.. there really isn't too many toys you can buy for cats to entertain themselves. One day, I decided to give her an empty kleenex box and put one of her favorite toy inside. She loves it!! It would take her awhile to take the toy out of the box and her favorite thing is to scratch her head on the corners of the box. Then one days... the funniest thing happened and we got it on video... she got her head stuck inside the box and couldn't get her head out. After about 5- 10 minutes.. she finally got her head out with the toy in her mouth! Too funny! Anyways.. enough on my story... great game Kelly!!