Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Can't forget Baby C!!

When Liam and Aidan (Jen's Baby A & Baby B) came home from the hospital last week, I posted pictures of Ben and Jack (My Baby A & Baby B) from the day that they were released from the hospital. Connor came home last Thursday when we were knee deep in amoxicillan so, we did not get a chance to reminisce about when Drew came home from the hospital. Here is a picture of Drew and I leaving the hospital for the last time. Isn't he sweet!! It was definitely a happy day to have our family all together again.
Mommy & Drew 06/24/2002

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Cathy said...

Of course.. you can't forget DREW and CONNOR!!! You have to save the best for last! We love you boys!! How are the boys feeling... better? WOW... I just realized that I have 26 more days til I have all of your boys to myself for 3 whole days!! WooHoo!! or should I be worried! LOL!