Friday, March 21, 2008

St. Patrick's Day is Over!

But, I can't get rid of the little shamrocks. aaahhhh!!! In reading the help sceen, I have found out that my problem is because they are "animated". I have to go into the Html screen and edit the code. I don't do code. I better keep my readers entertained with my writing because nobody is going to want to stay because I have a pretty blog. :(

If anyone "does code", HELP!!


Kelly said...

Yay, I did it. It only took 3 hours tonight.

Kelly said...

BTW, do you like the pink??? How appropriate for a mom with 4 boys. I guess I have amoxicillian on the brain. ;)

rae said...

Ya... I do code! check out this link... pretty easy explanations. And then for more info you can check out the HTML link in the side menu for even more info.


for example this would be how the code would look if you wanted to add a link... or remove it. Below is the entire code that you would have to find and remove.

blogging basics 101