Sunday, March 30, 2008

It stinks to lose to a 5 year old!!

We have Disney edition of the Memory Game. There are 72 cards so, it is pretty hard. It is actually VERY hard! The Memory Game has always been a favorite of Ben's so, he has spent a lot of time "practicing" that game with Spencer. He is really good! I think he could beat me and watch a tv show at the same time. He remembers where cards are that I don't even remember ever seeing. It is nuts! And, I am really trying!!!

Well, today I was home alone with Drew. I asked him if he wanted to play the Memory Game. I figured it was good practice for him. Well, it turns out he doesn't need to practice any more. He beat me quite easily. I got 32 cards, he got 40. It is definitely bitter-sweet to lose a game that requires skill to your five year old. I mean, I recognize that it is awesome that Ben and Drew are sharp enough to beat me, but c'mon, they are FIVE! I thought I would have a few more years of beating them.

Just for the record, Jack doesn't like the Memory Game so, I haven't had a chance to lose to him yet.


Cathy said...

LOL!! Too funny! As I said before... it's amazing what's in those little brains and how much information they can hold!! I guess I better re-charge my memory before I have to play the game with them! :)

Tasha said...

Ummm Kelly there is no competition with 5 year olds----I'm glad he won ! And pleeease don't be practicing on the side so you can beat your son ,just rejoice in his abilities.
And ya know I'm not judging , just poking fun at your competitive side:)