Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!!

The results are in....

Ben found 18 eggs
Jack found 2 eggs
Drew found 3 eggs
Charlie found 3 eggs

You can probably guess who has the hardest time finding shoes, mittens,
hats and anything else that is not permanently attached to them. Ahhhhh!!!
I guess that all of the boys did not inherit the 'detective gene' from their Grandfather.

The boys also each scored another Webkin from the Easter Bunny. We have added the Chocolate Lab 'Chocolate', the Duck 'Ducky', the Turtle (name TBD - the turtle belongs to Charlie, Ben wanted to name it Turtliey, Charlie better hurry up and learn to talk!!) and the Bull Frog 'Fred' to our Webkinz family. The Easter Bunny must have been feeling generous as the boys also received chocolate Easter bunnya, Webkinz trading cards, new goggles and 2 new Veggie Tale videos that I heard the Easter Bunny got a really good deal on. Everyone was very happy with their loot!

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Tasha said...

What a wonderful family you have and Kel you looked really beautiful.