Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pom-Pom Sunday, and Other 'Bits

We had a relatively low-key weekend, but it is funny that even when we don't really do anything, these boys that I live with still manage to provide me with blog material.

Today was Palm Sunday. The boys were pretty excited about getting palms at church today. It's the little things in life, I guess. Anyway, Ben keeps calling it "Pom-Pom Sunday". He must have mentioned the "pom-poms" that he got at church 10 times today.

Charlie got busted tonight in a little bit of naughtiness. He apparently was playing with the buttons on the Roomba. He was pretty surprised and a bit upset when the Roomba took off after him. LOL!!

Yesterday, we did not have anything to do so, we decided to go look at some model houses. I want to paint our house so, I thought looking at models would be a good idea. Well, we ended up a BEAUTIFUL new subdivision going up. I knew there were nice houses going in there, but I had no idea they were this nice! We looked at 3 houses. I remember 2 of them were 1.8 million. I can't remember how much the last house was. Anyway, Drew totally loved the first house we went to see...who wouldn't?!?! He kept talking about how much he liked it. Toward the end, of our tour, he said "well, how about if we drive home now to 2988 to get our stuff and then we can bring it over to this house and live here". Great idea Drew!!!

Finally, tonight when the boys were going to bed, Jack said "Hey dad, do you remember what you did 365, no wait 366 days ago?". Spencer did not remember. Jack said "rememberrrrr....Dadddd.....that was the day that you got all of your hair cut off". We have learned to not doubt Jack. He is right. One year ago today, Spencer got all of his hair shaved off for St. Baldrick's Charity. It looked really good on him, but he walked around like he had an he was too cool for hair. He denies it, but he totally did!

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Cathy said...

LOL!!! The Roomba after Charlie is my favorite... I love that face!! I love looking at all your photos Kelly! I have to say... you are truly a professional photographer!! You capture all the great moments! :)