Sunday, March 30, 2008

Class is in session...

And, Ben is the teacher. Every once in a while, Ben decides that we need an art class. He has probably held art class about 10 or 15 times in the last few month. He really does a nice job and is very well prepared for each class. He always has a project already planned and all of the supplies set out on the table. It really cracks me up how serious all of the boys are about Ben's class. As soon as Ben announces that there will be art class, Jack and Drew drop what they are doing and head toward the dining room. They are both very attentive and respectful to Ben and make sure to always call him "Mr. Ben". When they have questions, they raise their hands and never question his "authority". It is really cute.

"Mr. Ben" prepared for todays art class by drawing body parts on a piece of paper for each of his students. Our job was to color the pieces and decorate them to make them look like "who we want to be when we grow up". Ben wanted to be an artist, Drew wanted to be a firefighter, Jack wanted to be a dancer (Daddy was thrilled - LOL!), Daddy wanted to be a baseball player and I wanted to be an interior designer (I was really dreamin').
Art Class 03/31/2008

"Mr. Ben" taking attendance

Charlie wants to be grown up too.


Cathy said...

This is so cute! Your boys are growing up too fast! Before you know it... there will be 5 years old teachers in the schools!! (By the way... yesterday was March 30th.. not 31st) :)

tasha said...

I can totally see Ben as a professor. Good for him for such great creativity. I love arts and crafts so he and I should go on a date. Proud of the brothers for being such good students too, and of course Mommy and Daddy.Such nice family time.