Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New Cousins

Jen and Craig became the proud parents of 3 adorable baby boys tonight. All of the boys are breathing room air and seem to be in very good health.

Here they are:

Liam Craig - 6lbs. - 6:30pm

Aidan Roy - 4lbs. 5ozs. - 6:32pm

Connor Michael - 3lbs. 11ozs. - 6:34pm

Jen is doing awesome and looks way better than I remember feeling at that point! The entire family is so happy and feeling so blessed!!! The babies are so cute!!! The are currently in the NICU, but doing fantastic. The new dad was able to introduce me and the grandparents to his new sons. It was so awesome! What a wonderful day!

We had to wait a while to visit the little babies, so
here are the grandparents with daddy trying to get a quick preview of the new additions! They are beautiful in the pictures, but even cuter in real life!!!

Sorry about the cheesy grin, but don't you like my cool new shirt!!!

Well, I'm going to Vegas tomorrow for a "girl's weekend". Wasn't it nice of Jen to have those babies before I left. I really would have been bummed to miss out on was definitely one of those nights that I will never forget. Thanks for all of your prayers and good wishes. Our family definitely believes in the power of prayer and has been blessed with 7 miracles. Welcome to the world Liam, Aidan and Connor!!!


Katie said...

Congratulations! They are so cute!!!! Coming out of lurkdom - and I'm not sure if you'll remember me or not, but I was at AQ the same time you were. I noticed you were linked on Rae's blog (we've kept in touch) and well had a bit of time to surf one day (and again today!). I still don't have all this blogging stuff figured out and I send out invites for mine so just shoot me an e-mail and I'll make sure you get one ;~)

rae said...

Yea! for the new babies... everyone looks great!

Anonymous said...

Congrat's to you and your sister!!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats. I am on TC and saw your post. Those are some GREAT weights. I love the names.

Hope you don't mind, but I linked over to your blog from mine to hassel my sister.

She is completely freaked that if she gets preggers, she will have triplets, too. She even asked a DR what her changes were at a baby expo.

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