Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Almost Birthday

Six years ago today, the boys were almost born. It was a beautiful 80 degree day and I had a regular doctor's appointment that turned out to be anything but "regular". I had been on home bedrest for the prior three weeks because I was having a lot of contractions. Even considering that, we were all very surprised when I went to my appointment and turned out to be 3.5cm. dialated and contracting every couple of minutes. I was sent over to the hospital and put on Magnesium Sulfate to try to stop the labor. That is the worst stuff ever, but it worked. After 6 weeks in the hospital, the boys were born May 28, 2002.

We are very blessed.


Cathy said...

WOW!!! It seems like it was only yesterday!! I just watched the powerpoint presentation I made for you of the boys first 6 months and before they were born.... looking at the dates and their weights at each doctor's appt., etc. Remember this presentation?? I think it's time for a updated version... might take a while to complete! LOL!!

Tasha said...

doesn't time fly?? I remember how miserable the magnesium was for you but I also remember how grateful you were for it too. It's amazing how much joy those boys have brought you -too bad you couldn't have felt that anticipation while you were on the magnesium): Some Moms say "I was in labor for sooo many hours for you andblah blah blah ", but you have so much more pull--You can say " I was in labor for so many weeks (well ya get my drift). Something tells me you won't need to use any guilt on your boys , they are too sweet and I don't ever see that changing.