Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy Zero Birthday Babies!!!

Baby A ~ Liam
Baby B ~ Aidan
Baby C ~ Connor

Yesterday was the due date for Liam, Aidan and Connor. They are really 5 weeks old now, but yesterday was the day they were supposed to be born if they were full term. So, what do you think Jen did...she threw a "Due Date Party"!!! I guess these babies aren't keeping her busy enough. The party actually only consisted of the boys and I and my mom and dad. But, my family alone makes a party...right!?! We had pizza and ice cream sundaes, 'birthday' brownies and balloons. It was a very nice party! Happy "0" Birthday Liam, Aidan and Connor.

"Baby A" with "Big Kid A"
"Baby B" with "Big Kid B"
and "Baby C" with "Big Kid C"

I tried to get a creative photo wtih the babies in the Big "0" balloon for their "0" Birthday.
Didn't turn out that great, but cute idea.
BTW, my hips don't really look like that do they???


Tasha said...

Jen is my kind of girl, great party idea and I'm glad you all had fun.Hmmm maybe we better get together I don't know what your hips look like.HAHA we don't really need an excuse to get together do we?? SOON, ok?

Kelly said...

The right answer was "No, Kel, your hips don't look like that AT ALL!! That balloon really distorted them and made them look awful, very unlike your real hips". Where are my FRIENDS?!?!?!

Cathy said...

Here I am... your true friend!! Your hip is really not THAT wide... all I know is that they are definitely smaller than mine since I have been told that I have a wide pelvis and would have no problem giving birth! LOL!! But I have to say... I didn't realize your dad was that chunking!! LOL!!.. you know I am just kidding... I love you guys! I thought the balloon picture was creative... I probably would have gotten up on a chair. :) I loved the party idea... your family is always so creative... and you are right... your family alone makes a party with all the kids. Just wait til Jen's boys start running around! I can't wait to meet them when I babysit your kids. Do I need to make an appointment with Jen for a visit???

Anonymous said...

Love the triplets on triplets picture! What I want to know is...have you been helping your lil' sister with the night time feedings? ;)


Kelly said...

Hey Cat, I was standing on a there!

Nope Michelle, I haven't done one middle of the night feeding...they don't need me. :( They have hired Debi to do 3 nights a week and are keeping on top of things so far. I'm a horrible sister. :(

Cathy said...

Hey Kel.... maybe you needed to use a ladder!!! :)