Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Star Student!!!!

All of the kids in kindergarten take turns being "Star Student" for the day. My kids are very excited to be Star Student and have been waiting patiently for their turns. I guess that I was a bit cruel in that I signed each of the boys up for their turn at the end of the school year. It seemed like a good idea in September...we'll just say that I gave them a chance for the anticipation and excitement to really build up.

Today was FINALLY Jack's big day as Star Student! Let me tell you, the excitement was definitely there!!! He has been counting down FOREVER, he even declared yesterday "Star Student Eve". He came bouncing in my room very early this morning. Quite a different start to this school week than the start of last week. He was so quick doing everything this morning that he was ready a whole 15 minutes before we were leaving the house...that never happens!
Jack & his teacher

The best thing about Star Student, IMO, is that Mom gets to go to school for the whole Star Student event. Jack and I sat in the front of the class. Jack had answered a questionnaire about all of his favorite things and sent some pictures for a bulletin board. While sitting in the front of the class, Jack and I read his list of favorite things and then Jack told his class about all of his pictures. After that I read a story that Jack picked out ("Hercules") and then Jack's classmates asked him questions. Jack did a wonderful job and I was very proud of him. He smiled from ear-to-ear the entire time, but took the whole thing very seriously. He also started out by answering each question with a "well.....", but it sounded more like "wwwwwaaayllll....", kinda like how George Bush talks. Too cute!!
I forgot to copy his list of favorites, but these are the things that I remember:

Favorite Food: Skittles
2nd Favorite Food: Apple
Favorite TV Show: Danny Phantom
Favorite Movie: Cars
Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Book: Stone Soup (Thanks Aunt Elaine!!)
Most Enjoyable Time: When Daddy is home
Favorite Number: 100
Proudest Accomplishment: Doing hard math problems
Favorite Flavor Ice Cream: Chocolate

Here are the pictures that Jack selected to show his class.


Mishelle said...

Great idea for a topic. I may have to steal this one. Logan was SS a few weeks ago. Reading the book was my LEAST favorite part! Logan picked Spongebob Atlantis Squarepantis....if that wasn't a fun read i don't know what is!!

Laura said...

So cute!! I love that he said his favorite time is when Daddy's home...what are we moms, chopped liver? LOL!

Cathy said...

Awwww... you gonna make me cry!! This was so cute... I like all his favorite things! It's good to know... it would really help me when I babysit them next week for 3 days! Maybe you should have all 4 of your boys make a list of their favorite things for me and I will have a better idea what they like next week!! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

That was too cute!