Sunday, April 6, 2008


Apparently, the boys have the procrastination gene too. LOL, just kidding. ;)

The boys almost never get homework. But, they did get a small project to do over Spring Break. They were each given a piece of paper that had a shirt drawn on it. Each shirt had a letter. Their job was to cut out the shirt and then find pictures of things that start with the assigned letter and glue the pictures on to the shirt. Below is a picture of them working on their homework. They started the project last night and then finished it this afternoon. If you are wondering why they look a bit glum...well, Jack actually got 2 shirts to do, but lucked out with the letter "m" and the letter "f". Drew had it a bit harder with the letter "u" and Ben really had a tough time because he was assigned the letter "x"...not a lot of words begin with the letter "x".


Cathy said...

Too cute! Tough letters.. but I am sure your boys will be creative! Hopefully you didn't have to clean up any glue from the carpet! LOL!!

Jennifer said...

Assigned the letter "X". That's jsut wrong!!!