Saturday, April 5, 2008

Finally Spring!!!

The weather was awesome today!! It was the first nice day in about 6 months and we really enjoyed it. It felt like it was about 70 degrees and we spent the entire afternoon outside. I guess this is the reason that we live in Chicago. At least, that is what Spencer keeps telling me...we live here so that we can appreciate days like this...people that live places with no winter would not appreciate how good the first nice day of spring feels. I disagree because I know that *I* appreciate every day that is not miserably cold, but "whatever!?!". LOL! about the "whatever". That is the boys' new favorite saying. I'm so impressed with myself for using it....maybe I am on my way to being a "cool mom" with the kindergarteners. ;)

So, how did we spend our day outide? Nothing earth shattering, a little yard work, a little sidewalk chalking, a little scootering, a little garage cleaning and A LOT of strawberry eating. Gotta love those nice days!


Cathy said...

Very cute Kelly!! Unfortuately, I had to work all day yesterday... but I have today off!! YEAH!! I hope to get my bike down and check the tires and take it for a ride. Hopefully, I remember how to ride a bike since it has been 2 years since the last time I was on it! LOL!! Funny about the strawberries... A little girl came into the studio yesterday with a strawberry dress, shoes and hat... she was really cure and I took fun pictures with her! It sure was a strawberry day!! :)

Laura said...

Those wouldn't happen to be the 99 cent strawberries from Meijer, would they?? LOL